Well-Being and Happiness@Work Survey


What is the Happiness @Work Survey?

A science backed award winning Corporate culture, wellbeing and Happiness Survey developed by leaders and scientist to provide you with meaningful employee feedback to quickly and easily measure job satisfaction and workload in your organization.

How we differ from other surveys is that we are a corporate wellbeing and culture company so we provide the process fully managed with a 100% completion rate on all surveys taken.

We believe that companies focused on the strengths of their team who regularly evaluate their environments and people gain the most.

Proving meaningful surveys with reports that include recommendations and tailored with reporting is our super power for our clients and future clients.

We take the hard work out of surveying your team allow you to focus on other aspects of your company. We provide data and reporting to quickly detect trends that could be impacting your bottom line

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A Survey to Give you a Competitive Advantage

Creating a competitive advange and a flourishing organisation in the times of geographically dispersed and hybrid work forcesd has become more important than ever before for companies

We provide you with insightful user-friendly data and reports detailing the culture, wellbeing and happiness within your organization. From the current levels of the overall culture and sentiment of your organisation. From role satisfaction, team cohesion, the likelihood of people leaving and most importantly how to increase and maintain it. Our survey results show you’re the percentages to give you clarity into the current levels and how they compare to your previous surveys.

This provides valuable insight into how the results have change and what needs wto happen to shift any areas of concern. Most importantly to maintain those levels were the organisation is performing optimally.

A survey and personalised reporting from culture, wellbeing and happiness @ work experts to save you time, costs and to create a company that

How It Works

With our survey we meet with your team to get them to introduced the survey and get as much buy in as possible.

You can either use our ready-made Standard Survey our Extended Wellbeing Survey which incorporates important data such as nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep so we can help you to build a corporate wellbeing program, framework or ideas on how to attract the best staff.

Our team generates support for the survey alongside you and takes the hard work out of getting teams to complete surveys. We compile the data, analayse the results and alert you to any zones of development that may be needed.  

This enables you to proactively see any challenges, we then work with you on possible solutions before they escalate and cost your company time and money. Collected data is presented in an easy to interpret format in key areas such as leadership, psychological safety, motivation, personal and professional development, hybrid working.

The Extended Wellbeing survey allows you to gain in-depth insights into the culture, wellbeing and happiness gaining data that can assist you to build an attraction and retention strategy and provide a competitive advantage for your organisation.

Happiness and work go hand-in-hand There is a strong link between happiness and having a job. Jobseekers and people on sick leave are significantly less happy than those who have a job to go to. Happy teams are more likely to create happier more meaningful experiences for others including clients.

The importance of meaningful work tasks, meaningfulness and appreciation for work carried out are the most important factors for feeling happy at work. Having fun at work, getting on well with colleagues, appreciation at work and opportunities for development came top of what makes people happy at work.

The companies with happier employees are generally more inclusive, provide flexibility, support employees, and promote healthy work/life interactions.