Chief Happiness Officers Academy

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Join us for our science backed, inspiring, engaging program over 3 months crafted by happiness at work experts to enable you to create motivated, engaged and productive workplaces. This program will equip you with science backed tools and strategies that will support your workplace to go from good to great. Imagine working at one of the happiest places to work in the world.

Who should attend the CHO Certified Professional Workshop?

HR Executives

Expand your current knowledge, skills set, strategies and tools around workforce engagement programs.

L & D Specialists

Build your repertoire for developing teams, leaders, workforce engagement and retention training programs.

Leaders & Aspiring Leaders

Being a leader and certified CHO ensures that you are well qualified to support your organisation to grow.

What You Will Get From The Program

Increase staff retention and engagement by 25%

With approximately 50% of employees currently unhappy in their work, here at Quantum Wellness, we help thousands of people to develop their teams and leaders so that companies can thrive.

Receive world class training & support

Our framework helps companies with their  grow. Becoming a Certified CHO ensures that you and your organisation get results. You will receive your resource kit for immediate change implementation.

Increase your skills and value

The Chief Happiness Officer program allows you to have additional skills and a certification to add to your repertoire of deliverables and increase your value in the workplace now and into the future.

Support the mental health and wellness of your staff

The financial cost of neglecting mental health in the workplace is an estimated $10.9 billion. This financial cost and the wellbeing of all employees can be addressed through effective initiatives.

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Chief Happiness Officer Academy

Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.

—Tony Hsieh, Former Zappos CEO

How to become a CHO


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Attend our interactive workshops and coaching sessions

Grow your organisation and create an environment everyone wants to be part of


What’s My Investment?

Millions of dollars are lost each year by organisations who are losing staff, whose teams are disengage on not working to their full potential. How much is this costing your business. For every new hire it can cost $250,000 in lost revenue, down time, advertising and recruitment, lost productivity retaining and engaging staff is often a more cost-effective option.