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We work with CEO’s, Boards, HR teams and Learning and Development departments to tailor and embed change, corporate wellness, and happiness programs that enable your leaders and teams to flourish.

Everything we do is grounded in science and the experiences of our team across 11 countries, what we do works, it creates a seamless increase in performance. and mental wellness for companies looking to create productive, engaged workforces with you.

We co – create productive, happy and engaged workforces alongside you.

Our mission is to create the happiest nations and workplaces in the world creating a working environment both remote and in person that thrives.

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Now more than ever the business world is intensely competitive and ever involving with dispersed workers, work from home and hybrid models many companies are struggling to adjust and find a new way of working.

That’s where we come in, Quantum Wellness works alongside you in a unique consult/coaching model to support you to maintain a competitive edge. Employee who are willing, competent and able to perform effectively throughout their working lives are what will guarantee the success of your organisation.

Economic uncertainty has become a prevailing characteristic of today’s business world. This challenging context demands rigorous investment in the organisations operations, leaders and innovation in order to attract and retain a workforce in addition to gaining or sustaining a competitive edge.

Employee Happiness Stats


Happy Employees Are More Productive


Happy Salespeople Produce Greater Sales

Employees Who Report Being Happy At Work Take Fewer Sick Days


Fortune's 100 Best Companes To Work For Enjoyed A Raise In Stock Prices Per Year From 1998-2005


Quantum Wellness is one of the world leading companies for Culture, Happiness & Well-Being.

We enable companies to measure, accelerate and sustain happiness at work through our 365 days of support model that is changing the face of businesses across the globe. Our advantage lies in our global presence with a local focus along with having practitioners, leaders, experts and researchers on our team who have committed their careers to creating solutions for our clients.

Our success is in the implementation, we carefully embed what we do within your organisation to cultivate an innovative, engaged and happy workforce. At Quantum Wellness, we recognise that the biggest asset to any organisation are its people – at all levels. We have a team of specialists and leaders on hand with experience across 25 countries between us we consult, coach and deliver impactful training.

From our extensive research using the Quantum Wellness Well-Being and Happiness@Work Survey™ we have uncovered the importance of nurturing a workplace environment whether actual or remote and creating a culture that’s involved, high performing, happy and fulfilled.

We advocate for a strong return on equity as we understand the importance of a mobilised workforce. Our Happiness ROI calculator is one told to ensure that your investment is exactly that an investment in the future of your organisation.

We innovate, create award winning and profit increasing success stories with no cookie cutter approaches to what we do, this is our area of expertise and we are obsessed with creating happy, engaged and productive workforces.

Why We Do It

We care about people and we have a special concern for those that are under privileged and can’t see due to curable blindness. These individuals (many children) have enormous disadvantages living life without sight. They are unable to learn in school, they are unable to lift themselves our of poverty, they are often left behind and forgotten. Our Mission is to provide 500,000 children and adults in the developing world with eye care, corrective eye-wear and better nutrition over the next 5 years. As well, we desire to build 5 eye-care clinics in the developing world and raise $5,000,000 to help give children who can’t see… The Promise of Sight.



Corporate Well-Being and Happiness Consulting

Are you ready to shift the culture of your organisation to create a happier place to work?

The research supports the need to create a culture of wellbeing, happiness and psychologically safe spaces in which to work and grow. An employee wellness program is essentially a preventative strategy for lowering the risk of costly absences and staff turnover.

ROI for Happiness @ Work


Let our team of happiness, wellbeing and corporate culture experts support you to move your company from good to great. We can help you design the most effective programs with a ROI that counts from consultancy, coaching and assessments we have the strategies and tools to make a difference.

We are obsessed with building capacity and creating happiness at work. We live and breathe happiness and corporate wellbeing so let us do what we are good at so you can focus on other parts of your business.